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Visual art is the only activity I know where the phenomenon of time is completely misplaced. The required concentration is totally visual causing an eclipse of any sense of sequential events. In the creation (as well as the viewing) this defeats any concept of time in the same way that music is removed from any concept of space.

However, it is my belief that through certain applications of movement in line and colour, one may give the illusion of a distinctly different awareness of a ‘Time-Space’ phenomena. We all remember that special, yet unfathomable moment in our lives when everything seemed so perfect – a fleeting moment of intense happiness that stays with us for life. For want of better words, I call this the ‘Continuum Flash’. This is a rare point where time and space seem to meet. It is a kind of elation often experienced when encountering for the first time certain paintings, passages of music and even poetry. It is where a higher sensitivity is evoked, something like what the American psychologist Abraham Maslow termed a ‘Peak Experience’. I think that this is an important point for the creator to know and aspire to. While this remains largely unresearched as the area of human communication, it is my firm belief that the key to its future validity lies in the forces of art rather than science.


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