2017 saw the establishment of the Morant Foundation:




The Morant Foundation is a legally registered Trust and has been put in place for the protection and conservation of artwork by Keith Morant of Christchurch, New Zealand.

The intentions of this trust are to promote and preserve the artwork of Morant while at the same time creating a greater awareness of art and artists in the region of Canterbury and New Zealand. While all basic capital and collateral rests on the property and work of Morant, it is through the organising of exhibitions and promotion of local artists that the trust will proceed.

It is intended that the Foundation will curate at least one exhibition annually of selected artists for display at a local venue. Expenses for such exhibitions will be underwritten by the Trust to alleviate financial pressure and enhance reputations of local creators.


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In June of 2021 the Foundation presented an exhibition of nine professional Christchurch artists.The show was officially opened by the Deputy Mayor of Christchurch, Andrew Turner JP. whose speech was exceptionally inspiring and a total success. 

This is the fourth exhibition sponsored by our Foundation and we are very pleased to say that, over recent years, we have helped many creators on their chosen paths. This time our show is about commitment and professionalism in the arts. These artists form a vivid showcase of excellence that projects the strength and purpose of the Christchurch art scene. We express immense gratitude to them all for agreeing to come together for this auspicious celebration. And celebration it surely is! Matariki speaks of all human historical and contemporary aspirations; it is an important annual reminder of the frailty of our human existence through space and time.

 At a distance of four hundred and forty-four light years from us there shines a cluster of stars historically named by the Ancient Greeks as the Pleiades. For many centuries this constellation has been used for navigation across the oceans of the world. Also known as the ‘Seven Sisters’, we see them rising in our skies in late May and early June. For Maori, who traditionally used them as ocean guides, they are known collectively as Matariki. In fact, Matariki is the mother surrounded by her six daughters: Tupu-a-nuku, Tupu-a-rangi, Waitī, Waitā, Waipuna-a-rangi and Ururangi.

The rising of these stars is commemorated as the Maori New Year and are regarded as the harbingers of great transition. It is a time especially for remembering and honouring those who have passed away in the previous year. Loved ones who are now transformed into stars - te hunga kua whetūrangitia – shining down from the heavens.

When the winter solstice is upon us with its longest nights and darkest days, this is Matariki; a great celebratory time of remembrance and prayers for renewal. It is a time of joy and compassion; a time of creativity and fertility; a time when we scatter the seeds that enrich our empathy and love towards a renewed quality of life.


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On a cold mid-winters night we were pleasantly surprised as our opening was packed with the biggest turnout we have ever seen of art enthusiasts, admirers and collectors.




In November 2020 the Morant Foundation sponsored a cash award for the annual Canterbury Potters Association exhibition. The grand opening was held at the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch and the winner of the award was Penny Wright, a well respected potter from Canterbury.


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 July 2019 saw the third exhibition sponsored by the Morant Foundation. Thirteen artists presented a selection of exceptional works at the beautiful Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery in Christchurch.





In February of 2018 The Morant foundation held its inaugural exhibition at the Arts Centre of Christchurch. The show was titled 'New Art', and exhibited a great variety of paintings and sculpture  from thirty two artists. Through the support of local businesses, four awards for excellence were presented at the opening and it was a total success.



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 In June of 2018 the Morant Foundation sponsored another exhibition; this was titled 'Eclectic Art' and was held at the Windsor Gallery in Christchurch. It was a wonderful venue to showcase over thirty budding artists who were very grateful not to have to pay for advertising, opening expenses and gallery commissions. The exhibition was opened by the Deputy Mayor of Christchurch, Andrew Turner, who presented four art awards and gave a very encouraging speech on the necessity of art in the community.