ITALY 2010

In October we were in the air again. This time our first port of call was Paris. We were hosted royally by our dear friends Ann and Phil Dunbar. Ann is a well known artist and we arrived just in time to attend the opening of her latest exhibition.


With Ann Dunbar at her Paris opening.

 With Ann Dunbar at her Paris opening.


For her exquisite work Ann was awarded a prize and bouquet.


Prize winner Ann Dunbar. Ann with her prizes.


Ann and Phil gave us a wonderful tour of Paris and we ate and drank the best of French cuisine.


Lunch at Bistro Des Augustins.

 Lunch at Bistro Des Augustines.


Onion soup and chablis on the Champs Elysses

 Onion Soup and fine Chablis on the Champs Elysses.


The weather was kind to us and we had  great walks through the Left Bank shops and art galleries.


At Notre Dame.

At Notre Dame


Ann and I and Eiffel.

 Ann, me and Eiffel.


 They also took us to the amazing Palace of Versailles.


Tricia at the gates of Versailles.

 Tricia at the gates of Versailles.


This must be the best shot of all - though not as good as the wonderful memories we have - thank you guys!


What a blast!



Following our wonderful time in Paris we flew to Italy again for the next great exhibition in Ferrara. This was to be a major milestone for Paola Trevisan and Trevisan International Art. This year she had excelled herself by attracting some of the finest painters and sculptors on the International art scene, including, for the first time, some very strong creators from Australia. The show was exquisitely curated and hung and once again the air vibrated with the apt title of her show:







Castle Estense, Ferrara. 

Once again we were in the cradle of Italian history.


 Tricia on the drawbridge of Estense Castle.

 Tricia on the drawbridge of Castle Estense.


Hung across the main Pallazo leading to the castle were many celebratory flags.


Ferrara flags and castle. Ferrara flags.


 Later this proved to be the inspiration for a painting:

 Flags Of FerraraFlags Of Ferrara                                                            Oil on canvas






The exhibition was, once again a tremendous success with more artists than ever before. This time, owing to Paola's exhibition at the 2010 Melbourne Art Fair, there was a strong contingent of Australian artists.


Carol Rowling from Perth.

  Carol Rowling from Perth


Beth Hulme from Melbourne.

 Beth Hulme from Melbourne.


Nikki and Amir Perzuck from Melbourne.

 Nikki and Amir Perzuck from Melbourne.


Seiglinde Battley from Sydney.

 Seiglinde Battley from Sydney.


 Olivia Alexander. Sydney.

Olivia Alexander from Sydney


It was an honour to be exhibiting alongside of these artists and I am hopeful of more shows of my own in Australia.


This year my submission for the exhibition was a suite of six canvases titled:



 'Zenergy' (Six canvases).

 At the exhibition with 'Zenergy'.


Zenergy I.


 Zenergy II.


Zenergy III.


Zenergy IV.


Zenergy V.


Zenergy VI.


Paola Trevisan was a wonderful hostess to all of her artists and some of us were treated to a special excursion to the beautiful city of Mantua.


Duomo of San Pietro, Mantua.

 Duomo of San Pietro, Mantua.


With Paola in Mantua.

With Paola Trevisan in Mantua.


Palazzo Ducale, Mantua.

 Palazzo Ducale, Mantua.


With 15th century cannon balls.

 With 15th century cannon balls.


So - once again we departed from our beloved Italy. This has become a strong part of my life and the memories often swell up from my unconscious to resurface in my work.


'Italian Days'

'Italian Days'                                                                   (Mixed media on canvas)



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