For the month of April this year I was honoured to be selected as one of ten creators for an Artist's Residency in Venice.This was organised under the name of 'Art and Soul' by John and Souheir Rawlings of Montana, U.S.A.They are two very highly motivated art entrepreneurs who work with great efficiency and erudition in the name of art. The month in the beautiful environment of Venezia, consisted of an apartment for Tricia and I with seperate studio space for work towards a pre-arranged exhibition in the town. We were truly blessed by the care and attention lavished on us by this clever couple. The excursions into historical museums, galleries, churches and secret places of Venice was an incredible adventure.


The exhibition that we all worked towards was held in an upmarket cafe Known as 'Imagina' in Campo Margherita and the crowded opening was a wonderful evening for all.


We were particularly blessed by the great enthusiasm and knowledge of the city by our host. Being able to live in this dream city like a local meant that we were free to visit all important sites as well as many with very unusual historical associations. Also, being able to create in such circumstances was like a dream come true for me.


Of course, I feel that I could write a book about it all but, suffice it to say, it was the most marvellous and invigorating gift for which I shall forever be thankful.