ITALY 2009

In 2009 Paola Trevisan exhibited my work in an International Art Exhibition in Southern Italy. This was the Premio San Valentino (Taranto, Puglia).



  'Memory Halos'


Much to my surprise and delight, I won First Prize, the ‘Medaglia del Presidente della Republica’ (The President of the Republic’s medal).


First Prize. Medal of the President of the Republic. Italy First Prize - Medal of the President of the Republic.


Later in the year, between other exhibitions in New Zealand and New York, we once again returned to Italy. Because of the Kafka film production (see New Zealand), we went to Prague via Vienna.


Parliament, Vienna

 Parliament buildings, Vienna.

Vienna was magnificent. We were not there long enough to see as much as we would have liked, but the city was a slice of history not to be missed.


Tea In Vienna (detail)

 Tea In Vienna (detail                                                                        Canvas 910 x 760mm


Stephanskirche, Vienna

 Stephanskirche, Vienna.

We took the train through Austria from Vienna to Prague  where we were to meet up with Officials from the Kafka Society and deliver our preview dvd of the Kafka film that I had helped produce in New Zealand. The old city was a wonder and we walked many miles visiting galleries museums, and Kafka's old haunts.


The Old Town Hall, Prague.

 The Old Town Hall, Prague.


Tricia on the Charles Bridge, Prague.

 Tricia on the Charles Bridge, Prague.


Astronomical Clock, Prague.

 Astonomical Clock, Prague.


Tricia at the Kafka Monument, Prague.

 Kafka Monument, Prague.


This was a wonderful journey and a great new path to our old stamping ground in Italy where we joined the next great international exhibition. This was titled:

 ‘Imaginary Journeys’


Castle Estense, Ferrara.

 Castle Estense (rear view)


Ferrara and castle from our hotel balcony.

 Ferrara from hotel balcony


We have both fallen in love with this beautiful city. Its wonderful Renaissance history has become part of our lives and the people that we have met there are friends for life.


 Tricia and Ferrara.

 Tricia on the balcony of Suite Duomo.


A striking statue that stands at the entrance to the castle is Savonarola.



Girolamo Savonarola , 21 September 1452 – 23 May 1498, ) was a Domican friar and an influential contributor to politics from 1494 until his execution in 1498. He was known for his  destruction of what he considered immoral art, and his perception of what he thought the Renaissance ought to become. He vehemently preached against the moral corruption of much of the clergy at the time. Rodrigo Borgia, (Pope Alexander VI) had him executed in Florence in   1498.


Once again we met many artist friends who had travelled from all over the world to join us in Ferrara.


Artist friends in Ferrara.

 With artist friends in Ferrara.


 Karl Maenz holding court at Leon de' Ore, Ferrara.

 Artist Karl Maenz holding court in our favourite restaurant.


Imaginary Journeys billboard

 'Imaginary Journeys' billboard.


This year my entry for the exhibition was a little different. These were two long canvases (480 x 1480mm) that carried a distinct message relating to the imaginary journey of the artist.

 Passengers I and II


Passengers I


Passengers II

Passengers I and II                                         Mixed media on canvas 1480 x 480mm



Another wonderful surprise at this time was that the Italian National magazine 'Art Journal' published a large article on my work and used 'Ars Longa' to illustrate the magazine cover.


Cover of 'Art Journal' magazine,Italy.

   'ART JOURNAL' cover


At the exhibition opening I was presented with a very special award. This was in honour of my services to art and artists in Italy.


With 'Services to Art ' Award

 With 'Services To Art' award. 




I was both honoured and humbled to have received such a strong response from my Italian peers. It has always been my deepest belief that art (as with music) must transcend and communicate across all race, language and cultural barriers. In this light, the award gave me a strong sense of achievement.


On our return to  New Zealand we stayed for a few  days  in glorious Rome.


Angel at the Vatican Angel at the Vatican


 Angel in the Colleseum

 Angel at the Colleseum.


One journey we had to make while in Rome was to the Keats-Shelley museum. This is the house where the English poet John Keats died in 1821. He was not even 26 years old when he died of TB and yet he holds a place in English Literature beside the greats like Shakespeare and Milton. He has always been an inspiration to me and seeing the place of his passing was a pilgrimage of deep meaning for me.


Keats Memorial Rome.



Death In Rome

 Death In Rome                                                                          Canvas 610 x 610mm


Lost in a museum

  Lost in a museum I.


Lost in a museum II

 Lost in a museum II




This Painting was exhibited at 'Global Perspectives' in the New York Arts Pavillion concurrent with the 53rd Venice Biennale. The exhibition then travelled to Beijing where it was exhibited for one month before returning for exhibition in New York.

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