2012 Saw the great exhibition 'SONGS FOR SYDNEY' (see Australia). This show was held for the month of June at the Global Gallery in Paddington, Sydney.

Tricia and Endymion.

Tricia with 'Endymion' at 'SONGS FOR SYDNEY'.


At 'Songs For Sydney' (Between Moon Song and Solar Song).

Me between 'Moon Song and Solar Song' at SONGS FOR SYDNEY.


It was also the year when I held a solo show at Patrick International Fine Art in Toronto.




Patrick Fine Arts Gallery with Morant exhibition.

Patrick International Fine art Gallery with Morant exhibition.


Musicians from the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra were scheduling a sequence of concerts of Baroque music and honoured me by asking if I would allow them to use one of my paintings as their  advertising poster. The work they chose was one of my Italian inspired pieces titled 'La Notte, La Festa il Piacere' (The night, the party, and the pleasure).

This was the result:



I was doubly honoured when they asked if one of my paintings  'Baroque Obsession' Could be displayed on stage at all of their concerts.

Baroque_Obsession_2.jpg     Baroque Obsession                                                                      Mixed media on canvas 910 x 910mm

It has been a very strong year creatively and the studio has been a hive of activity.

                                                Me in my studio working on 'Dvorakiana'.

Me at the easel with Dvorakiana.

Tricia in the studio with Schrodinger.

Tricia in the studio with Schrodinger


Me in my studio.

In my studio



I was approached by the committee of the Christchurch City Choir for a donation of artwork for their Fine Art Auction fundraiser:


The Christchurch City Choir

Proudly bring you


The inaugural fundraising art auction.

Thursday 25th October 2012  7.30 - 9.30pm

Air Force Museum, 45 Harvard Avenue, Wigram Park.

Join the choir for an evening of drinks and canapés, music and what promises to be an exciting auction of artworks by well-knownNew Zealand artists, and special “doodles” from famous New Zealanders such as Prime Minister, Rt Hon John Key.

Tickets are $50 each and available from:

All art works will be available to view online from

11th October at www.christchurchcitychoir.co.nz 





The work I donated to this great cause was a  recently completed canvas titled 'FACEBOOK':

                                                         Facebook.jpg                                                                                                                     Facebook                                                          Mixed media on canvas 1500 x 2500mm 

(I am happy to say that it reached $5400).

At this time Paola Trevisan, of Trevisan International Art, became my official representative in Italy and Europe. I have been working and exhibiting through Paola for over five years and I am happy to say that she has now become my personal representative and dealer.





One of my larger canvases this year was 'Blue Moon'. This title comes from the idea that if a calender month has two full moons then the second of these is known as the 'blue moon'.

With Blue Moon.

With 'Blue Moon'


At the request of the Consulate of the Czech Republic in Sydney, I held a very special exhibition in my studio. This was primarily for the Czech community of Christchurch showing, for the first time in New Zealand, the work of renowned childrens author and artist, Zdenek Miler. Miler was Europe's answer to Walt Disney and his 'Little Mole' was their Mickey Mouse.


Little Mole


My studio echoed with Czech childrens laughter, games, puzzles, music and art.

                                                                       Little Mole enthusiasts.


Through books and film the 'Little Mole' has been a much loved favourite of European children for over fifty years, and, while this exhibition was with children in mind, I know that many happy parents came along out of sheer nostalgia.

 Little Mole celebrations.With the flag of the Czech Republic and friends from the same place.